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Granite Worktops Sussex Ltd
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1. Granite Worktops Sussex Ltd, hereinafter called The Company, is a specialist stonework contractor that also undertakes various other forms of building and refurbishment work our office address is 1 Southlands Road, Bexhill, TH395HG. The Company does use subcontractors but ensures their work is of the highest quality.

2. All stone items are individually produced by craftsmen, minor variations to design and profile will therefore occur.

3. All quarried materials are subject to natural blemishes, imperfections and markings and are sold only subject to this proviso.

4. Where samples are submitted exact resemblances of the product supplied to the sample cannot be guaranteed.

5. The Company cannot accept responsibility for direct or consequential losses arising out of delays caused by labour disputes, inclement weather, un-notified defects to materials or other causes beyond its control.

6. All estimates and acceptance of order are for the addressee only and The Company will, on no account, accept delegation of responsibility for the settlement of accounts, irrespective of purchaser’s own order stipulations.

7. Where onerous conditions are applied to a contract post estimate stage The Company reserves the right to charge for management time in compliance.

8. Defects liability period is limited to a maximum of six months from completion of the contract unless otherwise agreed in a standard form of contract.

9. Where delays occur as a result of issues with labour or materials the company will not be responsible for consequential losses or the attendance of other trades without prior written agreement and reasonable notice.

10. Any stone supplied by the customer and requested to be cut by The Company will be cut at the customers own risk and The Company will accept no liability or responsibility for damage, scratching or breakages incurred. This is due to the stone not being supplied by one of our reputable suppliers.


10. For all goods and services provided by The Company payment terms are strictly 50% non refundable deposit on confirmation of order with the balance due, in full on completion or on agreed interim payments for projects over 3 weeks duration. Orders under £500 plus vat are payable in full with confirmation of order.


11. The ownership of all goods delivered shall remain with The Company until payment is received in full.

12. Where the Company enters into a contract for the supply only of goods payment in full is required on collection or delivery of such goods. If the purchaser resells any goods delivered by way of a bona fide sale at full value or otherwise, the proceeds of such sale shall be held by the purchaser as trustee for, and to the account of, The Company until such time as The Company shall have received payment in full for all goods or services delivered by The Company to the purchaser whether pursuant to this price or any other contract under which The Company delivered goods to the purchaser.

13. The Company reserves the right to dispose of all goods, the ownership of which is reserved to The Company, if not paid for in accordance with these terms and conditions. If such payment is overdue, in whole or in part, the company may, by its servants or agents (without prejudice to any of its other rights), recover and re-sell the goods or any of them and may lawfully enter upon the premises of the purchaser or any place to which it has delivered or consigned them for that purpose.


14. In the event that an order is cancelled by the customer the company reserves the right to retain non refundable deposit monies where goods have been ordered specifically and to retain up to 50% of total value in lieu of time costs and disbursements already incurred. Where production of an item has progressed beyond the raw material stage the company will invoice the customer for all works carried out.


15. Once materials are delivered and installation completed The Company does not undertake to offer any guarantee or warranty that the goods supplied will not be effected by exposure to any external influence that may cause damage or discolouration.

16. All goods are supplied and installed on a stand alone basis, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure associated structures are fit for purpose and they are suitable to receive installation of the proposed materials including the imposed loads without adverse effects.

17. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices to reflect changes in specification to the original, customers will be notified of additional charges prior to commencement of production.

18. Templating and detailing can only be carried out once all other external influencing factors are static, should adjustments be carried out subsequently The Company will charge for any consequential loss and down time at £35 per man hour.

19. All prices remain as quoted for a period of three months only.

20. Trade Customers: Payment is required with 30 days of completion of works.

21. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check all goods on collection or completion of installation and signing off. The Company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage caused or subsequently discovered.

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